The Revamp Revolution

There is a severe lack of modern and affordable furniture retailers nearby to us and it´s something that causes me some exasperation. In my opinion, the vast furniture being sold by Spanish retailers is, how shall I put this, aesthetically challenged and somewhat of an acquired taste. Yes, we are in an age whereby you can purchase everything on-line however the delivery costs from say a UK based retailer to Spain can undoubtably be expensive, if an option at all. We are within driving distance of an IKEA store and we do have pieces from their ranges, however the thought of our house resembling an IKEA catalogue does not fill us with excitement. We prefer mixing and matching products from many sources.

A number of years ago, I had resigned myself to the thought that we were lumbered with dark and outdated furniture until such time that we could afford to replace it all, which probably would have required a second mortgage. That changed when I discovered that chalk paint was finally being sold locally.

I bought my first tin of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint without a specific project in mind and it sparked a revamp revolution in our home. Until recently, this was the only brand of chalk paint that I saw for sale in stores and as it worked well for me I have stuck with it. Other brands may work well for your projects, although obviously I cannot offer an opinion on them.

Now whilst not all of our furniture has been coated in chalk paint, we were inspired to revamp our home and have had some fantastic results after some creative thinking. Due to the growing trend of upcycling and a surge in artisan skills, the internet has been awash with weird, wonderful and often genius craftsmanship that have triggered some of our own projects. Over the next couple of weeks and months I aim to share many photos and tutorials. Make a note to come back and read about our dramatic kitchen remodel, an unusual reuse of pallet wood as well as some of the simpler chalk paint make-overs. I shall now go and dig out the numerous before and after photographs, that I´ve taken over the last few years. Hopefully these will provide you with inspiration, should you be looking for some.

NB This is not a sponsored post and I have no affiliation with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

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