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As you will no doubt see in future posts, we live in a large, old house, which provides me with the luxury of having a spacious studio and it is only 25 steps from my bed (yes, I counted them). It was custom built by my handy other half and I love it. It is often called ´messy´although there is a proven relationship between mess, intelligence and creative people, so that is surely just a compliment or stating the obvious?!

The room has been through many changes during the house´s 200 year history although luckily it was a large, blank canvas prior to becoming my workspace. The walls are white, which reflects the light filtering from two small windows and beautifully offsets the original, exposed beam ceiling. The desk, blackboards, shelving and lamps are all black thus dictating a monochrome theme. It´s not a gloomy room though as the high ceilings allow for an expanse of white wall to counteract the black fittings and together the monochromatic scheme makes the colours elsewhere in the room pop.

The desk and blackboards were a DIY that were all made using marine ply and a couple of coats of blackboard paint. At one side of the desk (nearest the door), are two IKEA Kallax shelving units that hold numerous boxes, loose tools and other materials. An old, traditional desk is underneath the other side of the marine ply desk and provides me with drawer space for filing etc.

When we approached the requirement for additional shelving on the wall, we set about repurposing a couple of GNEDBY shelving units. We had bought the white option a few years previous, intending to use them for their original purpose however they were actually closer to cream so looked dirty against our white walls and were banished to storage before being repurposed. One unit stands vertically (fixed on to the wall) as it was designed to with the other one attached horizontally at a right angle to the other unit. With a can or two of spray paint, they were quickly transformed into matt black. A simple but effective IKEA hack.

The final transformation was installing the large lamps (with daylight bulbs to mimic natural light) that hang over my desk. The modern factory lamps are the perfect lighting for this industrial design.

On the opposite side of the room there is a large U-shape sofa and coffee table, perfect for taking a break, eating lunch or entertaining friends. It is also a favourite nap area for the cats.

I hope you enjoyed this short video tour of my studio.

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