Hello and welcome to my blog.

My initial plan is to cover topics such as Art (whether it be my own or that of others), Interior Design and DIY. I have no doubt that some other random subjects will creep in every now and again too. I´ll pretty much try my hand at most crafts and DIY although sometimes it´s best to just be the ideas person and leave the bigger power tool type jobs to my other half. We have been renovating and restoring our 200 year old house in Andalucia, Spain for several years now and I have plenty of before and after photos to share of some of the projects that we´ve completed in the last year or so. Interior Design has always been a passion of mine and in recent years I´ve become an avid fan of upcycling. Some of the projects that I´ll be sharing with you include an upcycled floor made from old pallets, macrame plant holders, a recovered sofa and more!

I´ll refrain from making any crazy commitments as to when or how often you can expect to read new posts however I can confirm that I´ve already mapped out the first 39 posts! Yes, I´m feeling pretty smug right now however if you check back in a week and I´ll probably be crying over the bad grammar of my second post and seething that I can not remember more than the planned post titles! I´m hoping that this forward planning will help me develop a regular habit of posting regularly, feel free to give me a nudge if you think I´ve gotten sidetracked with other projects.

I´ll get back to editing more posts, I hope to see you again soon!

#Introduction #Art #Design #DIY

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